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PRP Technologies is a French company that specializes in the production and marketing of biostimulants for soils and plants in agriculture.

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With 45 years of expertise, PRP Technologies provides European and South American farmers with a range of products designed to reconcile high-performance agricultural production with respect for the environment.


The technologies employed are patented and based on:

  • the natural mechanisms of biological activity in soils on the one hand,
  • and the physiology of the plants on the other hand.

PRP Technologies also has a range of livestock products. These products are marketed under the brand name activ’Z and include digestion stimulators, farmyard manure enhancement products, health and comfort products.


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Plant biostimulants contain substances and/or microorganisms that stimulate natural processes in order to increase nutrient absorption, nutrition efficiency, resistance to abiotic stress situations (climatic stress, chemical stress, etc.) and harvest quality when they are applied to the plants or in the rhizosphere (root zone).  (Source EBIC) 


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Biostimulants play an important role in agriculture as nutritional and plant protection supplements. They contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture by doing the following:

Feeding a growing population

This requires increasing yields and improving harvest quality, and biostimulants help in each case.

Strengthening the tolerance of plants to abiotic stress situations

Extreme temperatures, erratic rainfall, and other stress conditions related to climate change require more resistant crops. Biostimulants strengthen the tolerance of plants to abiotic stress situations and their ability to recover after these harsh climatic episodes.

Improving plant nutrition

By facilitating the assimilation, translocation, and use of nutrients by plants, biostimulants help prevent nutrient elements from leaching and contaminating neighboring ecosystems. This means a greater return on investment for the farmers and a better use of the natural resources from which numerous crop nutrition products are produced (e.g., phosphate deposits).

Improving harvest quality

Biostimulants improve the quality of harvested products in terms of, for example, sugar content, color, germination capacity of seeds, etc. Better quality means more income for the producers, longer shelf-life, and more nutritional value for the consumers.

Conserving soil quality

Biostimulants contribute to the conservation of soil quality by promoting the development of microorganisms. Healthier soils are better able to retain water for the plants and are more resistant to erosion. (Source EBIC)

The PRP Technologies solutions are contributing to the development of effective and more environmentally friendly management techniques in all of these ways.