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Talk at the institut de Genech

On 1 February 2017, Françoise Boiffard, market leader at PRP Technologies, spoke at the Institut de Genech (59) to nearly 200 students - tomorrow's agricultural...


Bruno Daridon chairman of the EBIC agriculture commission

EBIC (European Biostimulants Industry Council) groups some fifty European biostimulant manufacturers and has been working for the last three years on setting up regulations to promote the European marketing of these products.


Pasture: How to combine continuing use and productivity?

Wednesday, 10 May 2017, PRP Technologies called on Bruno Osson, an expert in forage species at...

PRP Technologies and agro-ecology

Because it is an essential component of the future of humanity, agriculture must ensure its own continuity.

Agriculture not only produces food and creates jobs, but owing to its carbon sequestration capacity, it is also a fundamental key in the fight against global warming.  In addition to all of that, it shapes and maintains the landscape.

Because agriculture is vital to humanity, it must ensure its own continuity in order to keep fulfilling the growing needs for food. To this end, it must preserve the environment, because the environment and the natural cycles are the very essence of agriculture.

At PRP Technologies, we believe that it is possible to combine productivity and sustainability by using life sciences and environmental engineering wisely.

Because agriculture is an essential component of the future of humanity, it must enable farmers to earn a living.

In order for there to be farmers in the future, agricultural production has to be profitable.

Efforts therefore must focus on increasing the economic product (yield & quality x sales price) and on the efficiency of inputs (yield/quantity of inputs). To this end, the optimization of natural processes is a means of significantly reducing the use of fertilizers, plant protection products, fuel, and irrigation water.

At PRP Technologies, we are developing tools for intensifying the natural mechanisms involved in plant nutrition in order to increase the efficiency of fertilizers and the yield/quantity of inputs ratio.

Because agriculture is an essential component of the future of humanity, PRP Technologies provides farmers with sustainable solutions.

A pioneer in the use of biostimulants in field crops since the 70s, PRP Technologies has steadfastly focused on the soil as the central element in the act of production.

Restoring the soil’s vital functions is the motto of PRP Technologies, which develops its products so that farmers can implement a sustainable and productive natural resources management strategy in an easy and efficient manner.

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